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Space Marine - Take 2

Not content with my last marine, I decided to have another go.

Battle Ready Space Marine

My very first attempt at painting a Warhammer 40k Space Marine. Not the easiest figures to paint if you decided to fully assemble them before painting. I probably spent a fair amount of time correcting mistakes a made while tired. Definitely not my best work but was having a go at if only to work out what not to do.

Lazy Warhammer Sunday - Part 2

In my haste to spray paint before it began to start raining, I forgot to take photos of the construction process. I didn't start with a plan - just used my craft knife, cutting mat, straight(ish) piece of metal (I couldn't find my ruler) and PVA glue.

Lazy Warhammer Sunday

We're having a lazy Sunday so I thought I'd have a go at making some scenery out of cardboard for Warhammer 40k.Yes, I know, the kits you can buy will look better but maker funds are low this quarter 😔


The youngest and I have been busy over the past few weeks.After tackling a few models we decided to get some professional advice from the helpful staff at Games Workshop. The beginners workshops they run at our local store are definitely worth going to of you're a beginner.Can you spot the models painted before we got some tips?Now to improvise some terrain while we save up for more models.



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photography art shoot

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anime girl inkscape

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