Not content with my last marine, I decided to have another go.

This time around, I decided not to fully build the model before painting. The position of the gun and arms would have made it extremely difficult to paint the body. I've attached the body parts to whatever I could find to make them easier to spray paint and handle during the painting process.

As always, things didn't go to plan - I ran out of black primer as I was spraying the model. I ended up switching to a white primer which I'd failed to heat up properly. We'll see how things turn out.

Model primed, I sat down to put down the base layers and some initial detailing.

I took my time here, adding different base colours to the relevant sections of the model. I left my brush a little wetter than usual, helping thin the paint a bit in an attempt to avoid obvious brush marks when I'd finished.

With the base layers completed, I temporarily put together part of the model and applied a coating of shade all over. This is a push fit model and I've trimmed some of the connectors to help the model fit together a bit better.

Once the shade had dried, I dismantled the model again and applied shade to the areas I had missed just behind the gun and arm.

I'll probably apply more shade to the gun's magazine and scope to darken them up a bit more.

Time to put this fella to one side while I work out what to tackle next after the weekend.

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