I had a choice to make, buy the gun I wanted or spend the money on a mystery box. I went with the £150 mystery box from BBguns4less. Mistake or a stroke of genius?

I placed the order for the Jumbo Mystery Box early Saturday morning. The bbguns4less website states "Order by 3pm for Same day Shipping" by which they mean "order by 3pm on a working day for same day shipping". Saturday isn't a working day so I expected my order to be shipped out sometime on Monday. It wasn't. Neither was it shipped on Tuesday, or Wednesday or Thursday. I'm an optimistic person, I crossed my fingers and hoped that the delay was down to waiting for stock to come and that I was going to get a great mystery box to open. I dropped bbguns4less and email late Thursday and had a response Friday and a confirmation email that the package was shipped out. The box arrived on Monday.

Unfortunately, with the box arriving a little late, I found myself sick with the flu and in no state to be doing an unboxing video. I dragged the package into the lounge and watched my son's eyes light up - I hadn't told him I had ordered one. The package was opened before I had chance to snap a picture.

The mystery box from bbguns4less didn't arrive in a box. The items were packaged together and wrapped in a sturdy, grey plastic bag (you can check out some unboxing videos to see what I mean). With a largish hole torn in the package I began to pull out its contents.

Before I get to the contents I must point out that while waiting for the order to arrive I had gone down the YouTube rabbit hole and watched numerous unboxing videos. My heart sank a few times as a watched them. Would I get a bunch of plastic toys? Would any of the items be suitable for skirmish games?

I reached inside the packaging and pulled out the smallest item I could find.

OK, not bad. I'm always in need of something to fire. Up until now I've been renting equipment. If I'm going to be using my own equipment, these Angry Balls 0.20g will come in useful.  I reached in and grabbed the next item.

More BBs but this time Bad Ass 0.25g. Hmm, I wonder if these may hint as to what I might find soon.

The rest of the package felt like it consisted of just 4 boxes. When the package arrived at my door, I did think that it was a little small for £150. 

I reached in and grab the smallest box I could find.

A Galaxy G39 Pistol. It is spring powered so I'm not quite sure if I'd use it for airsoft games, at least not CBQ (Close Quarter Battle), but it is a welcome sight. Its quite heavy and doesn't feel like a plastic toy somebody is trying to get rid of.

The Galaxy G39 Full Scale Pistol has a nice weight to it. The clip slides out quite nicely at the push of a button. The upper receiver is metal and slides back quite easily. I think I could unload the full clip relatively quickly making it a useful backup weapon if I'm able to sneak up on somebody in a wide game.

So far, so good. 4,000 BBs and a spring pistol that feels like it could take some battering. I wonder what I'll find next...

Reaching in, the next box is relatively large BUT rather light...

A Vigor 8904A Tommy Gun. We flipped the box around several times looking for something to let us know this was an electric gun - no luck. The Vigor 8904A Tommy Gun M1A1 is a Spring Rifle. This really is a toy gun and not something I'd let out of the house unless I was taking it the car boot to sell.

It doesn't look too bad with its nice blue metallic appearance but it doesn't feel much heavier than the G39 pistol and most of the weight appears to be in the stock.

While a little disappointed at first, I wasn't too surprised to find a toy gun in the mystery box. The Tommy Gun comes with a (plastic) red dot sight and a cheap torch plus the batteries.

 We're down to the last two boxes. So far, 4000 BBs, a pistol and a toy gun.

The next box wasn't as long as Vigor 8904A Tommy Gun and didn't seem to way too much. Another toy?

Nope, this isn't a toy, this is an AEG (Automatic Electric Gun). I was hoping for an AEG. The Double Eagle M85 G36 is one of the cheaper AEGs out there, light due to its plastic construction but it was well received and unboxed quickly. I had recently bought a second hand M85 while waiting the Mystery Box to arrive and enjoyed using it for a few CQB games. This latest, plastic version will be ideal for my son.

The Double Eagle M85 G36 comes with a few accessories, red dot sight, torch, mock silencer, foregrip and speedloader (stick). I couldn't find a battery for the red dot sight but then we were a bit hasty opening the box.

I doubt we'll use most of the accessories but the gun will be getting a good workout in the coming weeks.

The hop up is a slider and the fire select a little temperamental.

The Double Eagle M85P G36 is loud but probably no louder than the more expensive M85 we have.

Quite happy so far, not the most expensive AEG around but a nice additional to what I have so far. It'll save having to rent equipment.

One box left, and it is the longest and heaviest of them all.

The subdued box hides the the jewel of the mystery box - the Well MB06 BB Gun Airsoft Sniper Rifle.

But not just the MB06 but the MB06D which includes the scope and the bi-pod.

Opening up the box we find that it isn't just the MB06D but a customer MB06D

It isn't a simple lurid green colour but a rather appealing patterned green.

The Well MB06 BB Gun Airsoft Sniper Rifle is sturdy, attractive and is something that I would never have thought to buy myself. I love it. 

That is it. 

That is everything that was in my bbguns4less Jumbo Mystery Box. It took a while to arrive but I think the wait was worth it.

Looking on the bbguns4less website, I've been able to price up how much the items in the box would cost if bought individually. That total would be between £239 and £284. A lot of the items are currently on sale at the moment and the exact model of the MB06 Rifle couldn't be found so I've used the standard two-tone MB06+accessories for a price comparison. Even if we were to ignore the Galaxy G.39 Pistol and 8904A Tommy Gun, the total of the remaining items still exceed the £150 spent on the Mystery Box.

Mystery Boxes are always a bit of a gamble but it paid off for me.

Would I recommend a Jumbo Mystery Box from bbguns4less? 


Is there room for improvement?

Sure. I would have liked to have seen the 8904A Tommy Gun being replaced with a few spare magazines/clips. The Double Eagle M85P's magazines aren't compatible with my other M85 and the magazine that came with M85P isn't a high capacity magazine. The Well MB06 came with a single, low capacity magazine. A few spare magazines instead of the toy gun would have had me reaching for my credit card and buying another Mystery Box.

That all said, I'm rather happy with the bbguns4less Jumbo Mystery Box. 


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