I've been gaming for a while. In fact, the first gaming machine I owned was an Atari 2600. I followed that up with a Commodore Vic 20, Commodore 64, Commodore Amiga 500 and Commodore Amiga 1200.

Eventually I ended up with a Windows NT machine but that was happily wiped in favour of Linux (Gentoo).

Most of my gaming is now performed on my Linux (Sabayon) machine using Steam / Proton, a Nintendo Wii (still loving Maria Kart), Playstation 3 and, one day, that JAMMA cabinet that sits patiently in the corner of the room waiting for me to finish rebuilding it.


I may occasionally stream game play and place the videos YouTube Playlist.

Quake II

If you were a fan of Quake II then you may well have played a mod which included my code - GSLogMod (aka Standard Log).

GibStats - Quake Analysis Tool

GibStats and GSLogMod were initially developed by fragitz. I took on the development of GSLogMod adding new features such as logging over the network, documented The Logging Standard and gave it its own website.

GibStats - Quake Analysis Tool

But our greatest respect goes to those little, unassuming mods that did their job without trying to change the world. We need more mods like the Standard Log (a GibStats-related project) and VWep. Players might even ignore they exist, but they're the bricks on which a real community of mod makers can be built.

Nusco & TaZ

The websites are long dead but you can search the internet to find references to it. Duke World appears to have the binaries archived as does ZXnet.

If I come across the source code for GSLogMod then I'll make it available here. For now, some old binaries can be found in the my download section.


My only foray into tournaments was Quakeadelica. I didn't win (James 'Billox' Page did). I didn't even get past the first round

If your first Quakeadelica game was in Manchester then you may well have seen me. If you were the gentleman who played the first 1-1 Duel, whilst they finished setting up the rest on the computers, then you may remember the look on my face when I lost

Matthew Shadbolt has a Review of Quakeadelica should you wish to read more.

Glory of Fellowland (GoF)

Glory of Fellowland (GoF) is a browser-based multiplayer fantasy & strategy game set in the middle-ages. Your goal is to build a glorious empire from a single small village.

Enter a world of quests and epic battles. You can cooperative with your friends, trade and establish alliances, even fight side-by-side against a common foe. You can plot the demise of your rivals, enslaving and conquering everyone who stands in your way. Come to Fellowland, build an empire and go down in history!

Glory of Fellowland (GoF) is one of those games I enjoyed playing many years ago.

Vendetta Online

Vendetta Online is my favourite MMORPG. Who doesn't like piloting a ship around the universe, mining, trading and fending off pirates.

I did spend time creating client side plugins for Vendetta Online. They are no longer being maintained but are still hosted on SourceForge - Vendetta Online Plugins - should you wish to take a look.


Carcassonne Box Cover

Carcassonne is one of my favourite board games.

Set during the medieval period, players take turns building the landscape and attempting to take control of roads, fields, cities and other features. The landscape is built up by placing terrain tiles and, as there is a fixed number tiles, the game does not run for too long.

A number of expansion packs were released adding new tiles, pieces and gameplay.

I highly recommend Carcassonne to anybody looking for a new family board game. Gameplay is simple enough for younger players to understand yet allows more seasoned players to play tactically.

Carcassonne Picture 1

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