Warhammer Alliance have partnered with the Scouts in the UK, proudly sponsoring the Model Maker Activity Badge 

As a leader, I helped run the Model Maker Activity Badge. This was my first introduction to Warhammer and there are many things I wish I'd known before we started.

1. Your local Warhammer shop may be able to run sessions with your scouts for you.

Yep, you don't need to know how to assemble and paint to do this badge. You may find that your local store has trained staff and can take small groups of scouts and show them what they need.

2. Your local Warhammer shop may be able to run sessions for YOU.

If you've a large scout section like ours, you may want to take pity on the Games Workshop staff and run the badge yourself. Grabbing a few lessons down at your local store will definitely help here.

After one lesson, I had a basic knowledge of building and painting - I'm hoping enough to guide the scouts through our next badge session.

3. YouTube

There are many, many, many videos showing you how to paint miniatures, giving useful tips and advice.

4. Warhammer TV

Over at https://warhammertv.com/ you'll find plenty of tutorial videos to help you.

After my lesson at the local Warhammer shop and with few YouTube videos under my belt, I found that I could produce acceptable miniatures.

I've talked about assembling and painting but you may find that your local Warhammer shop can also guide you through the playing of Warhammer too. Luckily the Warhammer Alliance pack just has a few, very basic scenarios for you to play but I'd give them a go before you sit down with your Scouts and that is where this post stems from....

For the next time we run the Model Maker Activity Badge, I want to make it much more fun. After building and painting your miniatures, the terrain you find yourself playing on is a bit lacklustre. The battle mat is nothing more than a sheet of paper and any other miniatures were nothing more than folder paper tokens. Surely I can come up with something a little better without breaking the bank.

Don't get me wrong, the Warhammer Alliance packs are great AND free. You get everything you need to introduce Scouts to the universe of Warhammer - Activity Packs, miniatures, clippers, paints and brushes. Having put together a wonderful introductory pack, what can I add to improve the whole experience....

Terrain :-)



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