Halloween is fast approaching...

 The Mission: Make a Samus inspired costume for my youngest son.

Ok, I'm not making  a full size costume in this set of posts. I'm starting off with having a go at producing a small 3d print of jtm's Wearable Samus Aran Helmet (Metroid Prime 3)  available on Thingiverse.

I started off by importing the Visorless Helmet into Slic3r, scaling it down to 25% and splitting the helmet into two sections so that it fit on my print bed. A few little tweaks to my print settings and we're good to go - hit "Print" and waited 13 hours.

The results were not great...

I've superglued the two sections together. The details came out ok but scaling it down made the walls of the helmet too small to print correctly.

Note to self: Don't superglue the sections together until after you've done some post-printing fixes.

Next Steps: Fill in the gaps in the model before attempting to sand and paint.



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