Patience is a virtue.

On the way to work I quickly popped into Halfords and picked up some spray cans of primer and car paint.

Arriving home after work I had a decision to make. Have a go at painting the helmet or sand it a bit more and leave painting until tomorrow. I opted for painting.

Luckily it was still light outside and not windy (makes a change). I applied a few layers of primer. 

I was probably a little too heavy handed when spraying the primer.

I was hoping the primer would fill in the gaps. Maybe some milliput slurry would have been a better idea.

That will teach me to be a bit impatient. Ah well, lets see if a few coats of paint will improve things.

Not really. The print layers can still be seen and, again, I was a little too heavy handed when spraying the paint.

It pays to be patient and prepare your model properly before painting.

Next steps: Try to fix my mistakes

On the upside, I enjoyed a few hours of playing Metroid 3 on the Wii with my son while we waited for the layers of paint to dry :-)


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