Two parcels arrived for me today. The first was the nylon tubing I'm hoping will fix my 3d printer, the second was my cheap and cheerful light box.

The £4.09 Light Room measures (roughly) 24cm cubed. I ordered mine from ebay and it arrived pretty quickly. While the product didn't quite match the ebay pictures, for under a fiver I'll let them off.

The package had me fooled into thinking it came with a nice storage bag but no such look. You get what you pay for and what I got wasn't too bad.

In the package you'll find the light box, usb cable and two foam inserts - white and black. The foam inserts hook to the inside of the box should you wish to use them. I found mine had been slightly damaged.

Both foam sheets had a slight indentation in them and are slightly pitted in places. The white one also had a mark on it.

Again, this cost me a little over four pounds sterling which included postage! I'm not going to worry too much over the foam inserts.

The box only took a few minutes to set up. Most of this was down to me being very careful unfolding the box as I wasn't sure how strong it would be. The sides stick together using magnets and I needed to flex the box edges a bit in order for the whole thing to stay in shape. The free usb cable is a nice touch, it isn't exceptionally long but I've a few 30,000 mAh power banks within easy reach so I wasn't too fussed.

I powered up the light box and position the bright LEDs. The LED power strip is positioned at the top of the box. Tilting the lip allows you to direct light into the box. I've yet to experiment with taking photos but here are a couple using the provided foam inners.

The flaws in my model  really jump out :-)

At £4.09 I can't really complain. It is a nice little additional to my table top of tools, its portable and it is much needed for my upcoming posts.



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