Week ???, erm...... week something or other of lock down and it must be time to make something.  The aim is to make a decent wood burning camp stove out of tin cans. We've watched people on YouTube make them and it doesn't look too hard :-)

We aimed small today, a simple two can solution....

We used two small tin cans, one slightly wider than the other. The thinner can (inner can) will hold the wood fuel while the wider can (outer can) is there to provide a bit of protection from the wind and a bit of insulation (lets not start a ground fire).

This is really my youngest son's project. He started off by making holes along the bottom of the outside can. This provides air flow in and something to rest the inner can on.

The same was done with the inner can but a few less holes were made.

A few, much smaller holes were made at the top of the outer can. These provided support for the inner can. The inner can was then slid inside the outer can.

We took a new, lightweight tin can camp stove outside, loaded it up with paper and a few twigs and set it alight. Once going, we added more twigs.

It worked quite well. Once the smoke died down it gave off quite a bit of heat. I wouldn't suggest cooking on it the first time around as cans can often be lined with a thin plastic film.

We'll probably add a few small holes in the bottom and sides of the inner can. The current version didn't burn for too long as the holes ended up getting blocked as the fuel burnt down.

Now to find some larger cans :-)


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