Winter is coming and the hen run fencing is looking a little delicate so it was time to open up OpenSCAD, dust of the CoLiDo DIY 3D Printer and see what I could do.

I do like OpenSCAD, it appeals to the developer inside me and feels very intuitive. Better yet, Thingiverse understands to OpenSCAD files and it's Customizer allows users to modify the parameters directly on their site.

You'll find my designs over at Thingiverse

The only minor issue I had was when I realised I'd rebuilt my laptop and hadn't installed a slicer program. I usually use Slic3r but it wasn't available on Sabayon or as a Flatpak. PrusaSlicer was available as a Flatpak so I chose to give it a go. As it is a fork of Slic3r, it didn't take too long to get my printer settings imported and I was printing my designs in no time at all. The only niggle I had was that the PrusaSlicer doesn't have support for printing direct to the printer (it seems to have been removed) so I reverted to saving the gcode on an SD Card.


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